In the Absence of Warmth

I will wait for you

At our place by the seam,

The craggy, bitter deep that binds our worlds.

In shadow you will slip between,

Unafraid of being caught by the light,

For you would be safe and again, with me.

I will sing our song

Softly, so not to wake the guards,

And you will hear it and finish the tune.

You must come.

The earth has revolved too slowly

And too long around the sun

Without you. Besides, the warmth of

Earth and sun

Went with you.

I will not leave you as you left me.

I will wait clutching your note

(Itself worn and frail and tattooed on my heart)

And singing our song until my throat bleeds.

I am not angry.

Perhaps a little, but do not

Let a little anger stay you.

I hope that the pain that forced you away

Does not keep you.

I did not see it before

But my eyes are open now.

Through the veil and beyond our place

I see you.

I hear your song.

I will share your burden.

Please come.

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