I have a part of you that you do not know to miss.

You have lived a life

Without me—

Plump with inside jokes and secrets and

Sorrows and shared scars;

Sweet with remembrances of

Moments knitted together by their

Seeming insignificance;

Exuberant birthdays and warm holidays and

Mistakes and triumphs;

Words of wisdom and silences

Bereft of meaning.

Long days and short years and pieces of

Yourself and moments of your life

Given away without question.

You give way to the blind, unfeeling grip

Of Time: it pulls you from your own mind

Replacing you like a puzzle

Unknown and missing too many pieces;

Though you have lost that which made you

You will not replace the empty spaces

With me.

I have of you your eyes:

Obsidian and wide with small wrinkles in the corners

And perceiving every hurt.

In the mirror I see you and I am broken with the want,

And in those shameful

Moments I am still a child

Waiting: for jokes and secrets

and moments and birthdays

and promised cake and cards

and your love.

I have your eyes but I lack your love,

And you have lived

A full life without me.