Fly In The Ointment

I don't want to: settle–
to be a pebble in your shoe–
Fly in your ointment —
Crick in your neck–
A scar you've gotten used to.

I want to: quicken–
Your heart and step
Ghost over your lips
Like a wine that must be
Savored and cherished.

I don't want you to sigh my name,
And clutch my wrist,
And tug me, begrudgingly
Back from the edge.
I don't want to see me
As you see me–
Another chore,
Something to fix,
A burden you'll bear
Because shifting my weight
Is easier than searching for
Something new to carry.

I don't want to be tolerated
With quirks you don't understand
And a life you don't agree with.
I want to be loved.

Lay me down, your burden.
You misunderstood me.
I want to be cherished
And thought of
And missed.
Do not rearrange yourself
Do not feign being.
I want to be
And to be loved
And a love.
It does not have to be you.