A Church on Every Corner

White and unblemished

Imposing and unwelcoming

Its doors are shut to me, a sinner. 

No matter. 

Were I inclined I could find another. 

They are whores in that regard–

One on every corner. 
They’ll make enough to please

Their master

But they’ll pocket more than their share. 
He is Janus faced, their god. 

He looks like them, because who but an

Old white man with flowing locks

Will condemn without mercy?
He is a he. Born into it. Male parts. 

None of this PC She-God bullshit. 

He’s a gun-toting American and he’ll

Smite the hell out of you for the hell of it. 
If you want Salvation you have to beg for it. 

Thank him for creating you. 

Ask him to soothe your hunger. 

He won’t answer. Not you. Never you. 
He will turn you to stone

Or maybe he won’t. 

(They speak for him)

His words speak for themselves, they say.  

You have to take their word for it, 

As they know the One True God. 

Every other is an imposter. 

His word is infallible, except when it isn’t. 

The other Words aren’t real

And those who believe in other Gods

Will spend eternity 

In hell. He’s jealous in that regard. 
You suffer because he wants you to. 

They’ll pray to him because it’s easy. 

They aren’t the ones who want you to die. 

He is. They are only acting 

In accordance with his will. 
He won’t answer to tell them they’re 

Doing it wrong. 

If he doesn’t say it’s wrong it must be right. 
They won’t spend much time

With eternity. 

Endless worship. 

Day in. 

Day out. 


Endless thanks. 

They will be ready for the commitment

When the time comes, they are certain. 
He is the recipient of their idolatry

Because he is formed in their image. 

In his absolute cruelty he is perfect for them. 

Because they who drink the blood

Of the innocent

And eat the flesh

Of the just

Are just like their god. 
Blood sacrifices make them

Only by blood

Will they be unmade. 

One thought on “A Church on Every Corner

  1. Interesting, but arent we all spending time day in, day out hoping; sometimes praying. We got it right. Who told us so; man ?

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