Times New Roman is missing on my iPad

Times New Roman is missing.
I don’t know where
It went.
Not far.
Too stiff to run away, to get to
The meeting
And discover
It is tired of being predictable
And clean
And boring.
Too neat to get dirt
On its shoes, to leave polish
On its nails, to say “fuck it”
To the toothpaste in the sink.

And yet.
Times New Roman is missing.
Not a trace of it found.
It must have known
Its importance
How very useless
We are without it.

It is out there somewhere.
It must be.
Perhaps it tired
Of being the default
Of seriousness
And pretentiousness
And disappointed dreams
And rejections.
Perhaps it wanted to be
Something new.
Out there, wherever it
Has gone
Comic Sans sits next
Smoking a cigarette,
Lamenting its fate
Wondering where it
Went wrong.
Times New Roman
Picks lint from its pocket
Envies Comic Sans
Wonders if we have noticed
That Times New Roman
Is missing.


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