Tabula Rasa

I have been so easy
Always so easy
To leave behind.

Tabula Rasa:
In creation
small useless thing
To love you.

You carried me,
A picture of him that you hated.
You could not reach him
You broke me.

On bleeding bones
And torn sinews
I carried you
And you drank

Every bit of me
Dried me out
And left me parched and dying–
Little more than dust.

I loved you
Like a festering wound
I petted and winced and healed you
And you burst open and seeped out

And you smelled of death and absence
And I cleaned what you left
And I wept over what little remained

Out of dust you are created
And from dust you are more than me
Swept over, picked clean–carcass

Ignorant. The shadow that sun’s heat
Will never reach, parched for life
Loving hands will not nurture nor
Caress me.

Once, when I was full of dreams and hope
And stardust, I felt that grip
Siphoning the essence of me
Leaving me with nothing, as no one.

Wilting and dirty
Deformed into what you needed
Useless now that I am empty.

You are gone.
You left nothing of you
And yet I remain in your shadow.

I am so easy.
Always so easy
To leave behind.


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