You’ve spread your legs
Earth wide
Your virility: pride
The apex of you erected
A monument to the possibility of you
You require




That I must compensate,
Closing my legs
Earth deep
My nubility: shame
The nadir of me deconstructed–
Damnatio memoriae.

Your voice follows
Shattering the quiet,
Following into the dark–
All touched by your words.
You suffocate me
And I, too, am lost in you,
Though I am uninvited.
Made mute, the voracity
Of your sound
Smothering what little
Voice I carry
Furling again–
An apology of sorts–
I make room.
You require



The whole of you–
Sinews soul substance–
Forms in all the space there is.
It expands for you
Not because there is more
Or enough
(There is never enough)
Rather, you increase
And I decrease;
You decrease me
And I apologize
Without knowing why
You tear the words from my lip
And you don’t hear them
But you know they are yours
And I should!
I should apologize
For the space I took
The space that you will need.

In the corners,
In the halls,
In the rooms,
In the darkened spaces,
In the excess
Where you are not
(But I can hear the echo
Announcing you)
You stalk.
I decrease.
You form yourself from me
Siphoning yourself
From my diminished existence.

I make room.

You require




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