sin eating

Black as shadow
And as deep.
Festering, you are in the marrow.
Rivulets of red ribbons made lashes
Are carved in the dark.
Still you will not out.

Hewn from the rock beneath
Your countenance remains;
We cannot escape you.
Without peace
You rest.

Breaking bread
I bear your burden.
The stinging whip of rebuke
Meant for you
I accept.

Eternal sleep found you
And gathered the
Forgotten pieces
To equal the scale
And grant you passage.

The splinter of your cross
Borne with lukewarm intent by your savior–
Your sins devoured in whole–
The magnitude of your hell–
The ash of your wake–
I swallow
And endure.

View the lash upon
My unfamiliar skin;
The remnants of your
Are me.

Coin exchanged,
Bread swallowed,
Soul returned.
You escape to heaven,
I am cursed to earth.

Rest peacefully, Father.


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