black girl, a comprehensive definition from the american english dictionary

Black Girl: noun


longing to be longed for

to touch, and be touched

to leave the in-between

the intermediate space

the place of being and not being.


The disembodied filaments of my Undesired Oversexed self

Uneven fragments cast back from the mirror

Made glass by Them,

Unseen and seen all the time.

I am a token to pull from 

Their pockets;

When confronted with the

Truth of themselves they brandish

The lie of me.

Visible solely in one dimension, the 

Not Like Those. 


I am “pretty for a black girl”

Only a black girl, and only-black-girl is not enough

They don’t “see color” when they see me

“Inside we are all the same.”

Also, I am “well-spoken,” unlike the

Bad Ones. I am Not Like Those.


Black Girl: adjective


Longing to be desired in whole

But instead, devoured piecemeal

The White-Mindedness (noun: that all encompassing state of 

White Overlap, where all of the Not Black things go

When they don’t fit into the Black body), 

The voice, the innate—that belongs to Them,

They take it, attribute it to themselves.


But the body?

Nose. Breasts. Hair. Lips. Hips. Eyes. Feet.

The body must stay.


Black Girl: noun


To be hated and feared.

The bar below which no one in the world dares fall.

The bar that rests on my shoulders.

Shoulders required to be strong, stepped on

To remind me that I am weak.

I am a black girl. I know these truths from birth.

A shared memory, they rest in my shattered brain.

For my daughters, my babies, my

Beautiful Black girls,

This will be their truth, also.

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