all the little broken things

I’ve lost it,
My mind.
Gone, through one of those cracks–
A hairline fracture,
Invisible to the naked eye–
That company isn’t allowed to see.
I left it caged, gave it instructions
“Don’t think.”

If I kept it caged,
Only gave it minute amounts of
Attention (don’t want to spoil it)
If ignored it–
“I said don’t think about that”
Maybe not it, but rather,
That shameful thing it does. . .

the wandering.
Focusing for too long on
Dark places,
Wondering about its own existence.
Fretting, stewing,
Breaking free from its cage,
Shattering the cracks so often
They are made holes on the surface now.

I’ve lost it.
My mind.
In spite of the cage,
And chains,
The instructions!
It broke through
And left me.

I’ll wait, but I doubt that that
Broken thing
Should ever return.

One thought on “all the little broken things

  1. Oh my,
    Look what I’ve found –
    A curious mind,
    Just waiting to be.

    It has cast out a few lines,
    A verse or two of lament.
    It sounds like the echoes
    Of twenty three summers,
    Give or take a few.

    I do believe I shall eat it,
    And remember tunes now gone.

    How delightful!

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