Grave Men: Synopsis

The greatest task for Grave Men is to be in the world, but not of it. Morgan Leamas is Death residing in New York City, tasked with leading the essence of humans to the Next. Rebellious and reluctant to bend to her fate, Morgan breaks the rules of Death seeking and taking the memories of humans not tasked to her. For her transgressions she finds herself relentlessly pursued, first by The Administration, the beings charged with keeping Death’s order, and finally The Reaper, the keeper of all Death. After the death of one close to her by the hands of The Reaper, Morgan makes the terrifyingly fate-altering decision to destroy Him entirely. Morgan must constantly question her resolve, which comes to an electrifying climax when she at last faces The Reaper, making an incomprehensible revelation that challenges her own foundation. A fast-paced, original, and complex tale, Grave Men fundamentally examines choice, fate, and the appointment that we all must keep.

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